from the

Heart of Vienna


This video gratefully received from an audience member with an iPad.

Available Options

All English Language Program

- 60 minutes

All English Language

Multi-media Program 

- 90 minutes

English and German Language

Multi-media  Program

- 120 minutes


He described himself as

 “a finished product of the old world”.


"Ein Wiener Lieder Abend" showcases Erich Zeisl

in the company of composers whose musical and poetic sensibilities reflect his own.

Ein Wiener Lieder Abend

An Evening of Viennese Art Song


Songs of

Irony, Petulance & Regret

Section  under Construction


Sehnsucht In Wien

Longing in Vienna

Section  under Construction

Lippen Schweigen

Lips are Silent

from "The Merry Wodow"

Musical Setting:Franz Lehar

Text:Viktor Léon and Leo Stein

Pianist: Richard Weiss

Translation © Monica Schober  

 All rights reserved.

In support of  the Somis Culture Club

February 2020

Viennese Operetta

Bon Bons

Arias and Duets

from Beloved Viennese Operettas





A Musical Hour in Vienna

An "I've only got one hour!" tourist's stroll

through 200 + years

of solo vocal music


Vienna's native and adopted composers.

Mozart, Brahms, Haydn, Mahler, Schubert, Korngold, Lehar, Strauss, Romberg and more.

Los Angeles, United States

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